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Alert Conroe ISD Closed

Conroe ISD will be closed until May 4, 2020. Updates will continue to be shared via the District's mass communication system, social media sites, and website.


Meet our Counselor!


Mrs. Krystal McCure

What School Counselors Do

Some of the services provided by the school counselor include :

  • being an adult friend to all Collins students
  • providing a safe and confidential environment for students to freely express themselves without judgement
  • counseling individual students in need
  • leading small groups of students during lunch-bunches
  • leading guidance lessons for character building
  • coordinating monthly Colossal Cobra celebrations
  • assisting teachers in meeting the needs of individual students
  • providing financial assistance referrals to families in need
  • providing mental health referrals
  • assisting with 5th grade 504 plans and state testing

Counseling referrals are made by:

  •  Student Self-Referral
  • Teacher Referral
  • Parent Referral
  • Administrator Referral